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Introducing Elizabeth
by BeneKinetic

The World's First Fully Automated AI Coach
for Therapeutic Home Exercise

Elizabeth removes the barriers
to patient motivation

7 out of 10 patients do not adhere to their prescribed physical therapy regimen at home, resulting in suboptimal outcomes

Chronic conditions require
long-term perseverance

Patients often have difficulty performing exercises alone at home and after discharge

Patients often feel anxiety, isolation, and a lack of confidence

Elizabeth offers supportive
coaching and companionship

Our AI Coach brings the in-person physical therapy exercise experience home

We offer AI Coached 1-on-1 and virtual group classes.


Our AI coach evaluates and communicates individually in real time to each and every participant.


We motivate participants, and change mindsets and behaviors for faster recoveries and better results

Screenshot 2024-06-03 144837.png

Elizabeth is easy to use


Use Any Mobile Device or Laptop

Elizabeth works whether you are using an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Android tablet, or laptop. If your device has a camera, Elizabeth will be able to track your movements and give you feedback and encouragement.


Prop it up, put it in a stand, or place it on the floor

Using the method of your choice, place your device where your camera can see you face-on. Good lighting will optimize performance. Elizabeth will do the rest! 


Join a group class, or start an individualized session

If you like exercising with your peers, Elizabeth offers group classes with people just like you! If you prefer going it alone, you can still select the same class on solo mode. Classes are categorized based on ailment, severity, and recovery stage. 

Elizabeth benefits organizations

Employers, healthcare providers,
and health insurers benefit from:

Faster Participant Recovery

Quicker outcomes, injury prevention, and decreased chronic pain

Treatment Efficacy

Increase in participant health, wellness, fitness, satisfaction and morale

Direct Healthcare Savings

From avoiding interventions such as surgeries, medications, and injections

Indirect Cost Savings

Employers experience a reduction in turnover, disability claims, workers compensation payouts and absenteeism

Elizabeth is trusted by experts

"By providing human-like support while exercising, this program fills a major gap in supporting self-management to optimize function and overall health. This approach helps to boost confidence which helps people with Parkinson’s disease and other chronic diseases stick to their exercise program over the long-term."

Terry Ellis, PhD, PT, NCS
Center for Neurorehabilitation, Boston University


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