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Advantages of TelePT

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Too busy or stressed to deal with pain or injury?

Is the best physical therapist for your condition too far away?

Don't want to visit the clinic during the current conditions?

The Solution is TelePT

Like with telemedicine appointments with doctors, telehealth physical therapy (or TelePT) gives you a one on one consultation where you can be evaluated, diagnosed, and start a treatment plan that’s right for you right from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Telehealth Physical Therapy

Time Saving


No time spent driving there and back or sitting in traffic.

No waiting in a waiting room for your appointment to start - we start instantly at the appointment time.

No need to drive or take public transportation.

If you are a parent with children to take care of, a patient that finds it difficult or painful to walk, move, or sit in a vehicle, or simply don’t have easy access to transportation you can get your physical therapy with a click of a button.


Accessible Expertise

Online physical therapy helps you stay connected with your physical therapist regardless of where you are, even in areas where physical therapy clinics are not available or too far.
Even if you have had in-person physical therapy initially, if you found it inconvenient, switching to online physical therapy ensures your ability to continue your treatment and recover fully.
Online physical therapy will allow you to reach a physical therapist who is highly experienced in treating your particular condition even if one isn’t available locally.


Personalized Treatment

Unlike in-person physical therapy which can utilize physical therapy assistants or technicians, our online telehealth physical therapy is always one-on-one with your expert physical therapist the entire appointment.
Your program of care is constantly updated and adjusted to your condition as it evolves and improves with every single appointment because your physical therapist is there with you every step of the way.
Because you are home for your appointment it is easy to involve and get support from family members and caregivers during your appointment as needed.



During the current pandemic, there is no need to risk contact by leaving your home for treatment.  Be safe and comfortable at home while still getting the help you need.
With more painful injuries or if there is risk of falling, you don’t need to aggravating your injury or risk falling by having to take transportation to and from appointments


Successful Treatment

TelePT is shown to help patients adhere to home exercise programs and make it easier to attend appointments.  By adhering to your plan of care you will improve your condition and health.

Don't live with pain or injury.  Get a free consultation now.

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