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October @telePTwonk

Articles and resources of potential interest

  • COVID related changes to regulations expanded how physical therapists can help patients and hold a lot of promise for the future of telePT. But, will they last?

  • Cost sharing requirements for telehealth expanded with some major insurers at the start of the month. Is this a sign of a phasing out or normalizing of telehealth benefits? Great takes from Advisory Board experts Natalie Trebes and John League.

  • After the onset of COVID, Spaulding Rehab patients overwhelmingly liked their telePT, and tele-speech/language therapy, rating the experience very good or excellent. Imagine if patients and therapists get more comfortable with the technology!

  • Time to preach to the PT choir. We know not to overdo it if our back hurts. But, don't underdo it either! Harvard Women’s Health Watch tells patients PT helps "safely increase your activity level, to desensitize your nervous system's response." Moving helps!

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